SprayMate™ II

….Simple Precision

SprayMate II is a 3-section automatic rate controller for liquid and anhydrous with built-in boom switches on the console. Its all-in-one design makes it a convenient, simple user-friendly package at a very economical price.



  • Master control switch standard
  • Optional on/off power switch
  • Flash memory for simple customization
  • Built-in capability for future VRA
  • Added NH3 and Turf units
  • Records area and volume in 3 independent pairs of counters so individual jobs can be tracked
  • Tank counter shows amount remaining in tank
  • Enhanced reliability, precision, and accuracy
  • Inline/bypass for servos

Standard Features

  • On-the-go rate adjustment
  • Push-button auto/manual feature for spot treatments
  • Minimum flow feature to ensure proper application pattern as ground speed slows to extremes
  • Precise rate control regardless of field conditions
  • Solenoid and ball valve compatible
  • Flow-based control
  • Controls electric and hydraulic valves/motors
  • NH3 compatible
  • Optional flowmeter kits and control valve kits
  • Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors
  • Can be used with EMD (Electric Motor Driver)

Owner’s Manual
System Diagram