Spray Nozzles – FANTIP – F


The FanTip is a general spray tip that produces a mixed droplet spectrum over the 30-60 PSI operational pressure range. It is good for applications of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators.


  • Mixed droplet spectrum allows effective delivery and retention of agrochemicals
  • Available as 80 and 110 degree versions
  • Ideal for use over the 30 – 60 PSI pressure range


  • One-piece design
  • ISO standard colors and sizing ensure that the FanTip fits all standard caps and TwinCap
  • Precision molded in tough and durable polyacetal
  • Available in acid-resistant PVDF

Part Numbers include: F80-0067 CAP00-20 F80-01 F110-01 CAP00-01 F80-015 F110-015 CAP00-015 F80-02 F110-02 CAP00-02 F80-03 F110-03 CAP00-03 F80-04 F110-04 CAP00-04 F80-05 F110-05 CAP00-05 F80-06 F110-06 CAP00-06 F80-08 F110-08 CAP00-08 F80-10 F110-10 CAP00-10 F80-15 F110-15 CAP00-15 F80-20 F110-20 CAP00-20

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