SBGuidance Software Modules

Trial Field Module

Stay on track and save time. The trial field module keeps track of angled headlands, length of field plots, interval spacing, dual-axes driving paths, and spray paths.


Grid Module

Select a fixed grid pattern using the grid module to plant trees at the correct distance in a square or triangular grid. This module is also perfect for setting poles for fruit trees.

SmartProfiler Leveling Module

Well-drained fields are essential for a successful crop. SmartProfiler helps you get your fields in perfect shape in only a few steps. Record a height map, set slopes, and orientation, and let the scraper take care of the rest at exactly the right depth.

Crop Registration Module 

The full configurable crop registration module is the ideal assistant to capture detailed information on location and size of different crop varieties. Easily process and export your data to Google Earth (.kml) or spreadsheet files (.csv).

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