SBG SmartSwitch

SBG SmartSwitch is fully integrated into the Viper 4 terminal, which makes for convenient operation. The number of sections, the headlands and overlap percentages are set easily into the clear menu.


SBG SmartSwitch distinguishes itself from other suppliers in the market with several additional functions. The SmartSwitch turns off immediately when driving in reverse. Double spraying in corners of the field is thus avoided. SBG SmartSwitch ensures that no treatment is ever applied outside the field boundary. With the special headland function, it is possible to skip one or more passes along the field boundary to sow or spray as the last action in the field. In SBG SmartSwitch you can set not only an overlap percentage but also an overlap distance. This overlap distance ensures that critical chemical treatments are always applied a little further to remove any risk of missing critical areas. A unique feature is to mark out no-spray zones by manually marking them once with the sections. Resulting in lower use of chemicals.


  • Immediately stops when driving in reverse to avoid over spraying in corners of the field
  • Set an overlap percentage and overlap distance
  • Decrease chemical input
  • Operate up to 32 sections
  • Treat headlands last, not first
  • Mark out no-spray zones

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