RateKing™ Plus

Advanced Liquid Rate Control with Dual Display

The RateKing™ Plus is a single-channel automatic liquid rate controller for agriculture, grounds, and highway maintenance. It offers a dual display that provides the target application rate in one display and several options for the second display, including Output Drive (STD or PWM), VRA info., Elapsed Hours, Area per Hour, Total Width, and Section Status. Available in 3, 5, and 7 section versions.



  • Innovative Multifunction Outputs – can be set to control an On/Off valve for: Flow Trigger, Relief, Master, and Flush etc
  • Flow or Pressure based control
  • Pressure monitoring
  • PWM or Servo electrical control
  • Adjustable PWM minimum and maximum pulse width to prevent motor stalling or over-pressure.
  • VRA capable
  • Selectable  NH3 and Turf units
  • NH3 compatible
  • Optional flowmeter kits and control valve kits
  • Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors
  • Can be used with EMD (Electric Motor Driver)

Owner’s Manual
System Diagram