RateKing™ Dual Plus

Dual Channel Automatic Rate Controller

The RateKing™ Dual Plus simultaneously controls the application of TWO products from one controller. Accomplish more with one controller than ever before.



  • Three modes of channel operation – Normal, Injection, and Parallel offer unparalleled flexibility in setup
  • Innovative Multifunction Outputs on each channel can be set to control an On/Off valve for Flow Trigger, Relief, Master, and Flush, etc
  • Flow or Pressure based control
  • Pressure monitoring
  • PWM or Servo electrical control
  • Adjustable PWM minimum and maximum pulse width to prevent motor stalling or over-pressure.
  • VRA-capable
  • Selectable  NH3 and Turf units
  • NH3 compatible
  • Optional flowmeter kits and control valve kits
  • Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors
  • Can be used with EMD (Electric Motor Driver)

Owner’s Manual
System Diagram