Improved Anhydrous Rate Control

The MT-NH3 II is an automatic rate controller designed specifically to control anhydrous ammonia. It provides a complete picture of critical application functions and an accurate record of work performed.



  • Built-in capability for future VRABuilt-in capability for future VRA
  • Records area and volume in 3 independent pairs of counters so individual jobs can be tracked
  • Enhanced reliability, precision, and accuracy
  • Troubleshooting enhancements including “no speed” and “no flow” messages

Measurement Capabilities

  • Total: Displays total lbs. (kg) of NH3 applied
  • NH3 Per Minute: Displays the total lbs. (kg) of NH3 applied per minute
  • Tank: Displays lbs. (kg) of NH3 remaining
  • Rate: Displays lbs. (kg) of actual “N” applied per acre (hectare)
  • Area: Keeps a running count of the total acres (hectares) worked
  • Distance: Displays distance traveled in feet (meters)
  • Area/Hour: Displays current work rate in acres per hour (hectares per hour)
  • Speed: Displays ground speed in miles per hour (kilometers per hour)


  • Choose from Micro-Trak’s NH3 Kits to match your application needs
  • Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors

Owner’s Manual

System Diagram