CropStart II™

Give Your Crops A Boost When You Plant


CropStart II™ automatic fertilizer control system is a simple, cost-effective way to give your crops a yield boost this growing season. CropStart II™ works with your planter to provide simple, accurate and reliable fertilizer application as you plant.


  • Speed-compensated technology replaces ground drive and squeeze pump systems for more accurate applications
  • Simple, user-friendly console and easy installation on the planter
  • Serial port to interface with data logging and GPS
  • Automatic system shut-off when the planter is raised from the ground. Turn it on at the beginning of the day and go!
  • Interfaces with existing radar on tractor
  • Standard 8-row kits with optional 4-row add-on kits available. Kits include the CropStart II console, flow monitor, stand assembly, pump, on/off valve, and proper cables
  • Reliable pulse-width modulated motor control


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