Batch Tank Lids and Stands

Batch Tanks are offered with a variety of stand and lid options.  Both a polyethylene and metal stand are available for the Cone Bottom versions of the Batch Tanks.  A polyethylene adaptor is offered to convert the polyethylene stand for use with a Vertical style Batch Tank.  The Open Top line comes standard with a bolt-on lid, however, a hinged lid is also available.  The hinged lid allows a flat spot for mounting and the hinges can be removed to leave half of the tank uncovered.


View technical drawings by clicking on the part number below.

Part No. Description Weight Dimensions
19502 23″ Hinged Lid 8
19505 36″ Hinged Lid 14
OC023-STP 23″ Poly Cone Bottom Stand 44
19506 23″ Poly Vertical Stand Adaptor 7
OC036-STP 36″ Poly Cone Bottom Stand 92
19507 36″ Poly Vertical Stand Adaptor 15
CB023-15ST 23″ Metal Stand 37 20 x 20 x 24
CB036-15ST 36″ Metal Stand 84
Part No. Description Weight Dimensions