AVI – Air Inducing Venturi Spray Tips


The AVI draws air into the tip and mixes it with the spray to create very coarse droplets that minimize spray drift. The air-filled droplets have a larger footprint on the leaf than similar non-air droplets and hold to the leaf for better control. Durable ceramic orifice creates the longest wearing spray tip of its kind.


  • Excellent drift reduction
  • Large passages resist plugging


  • Wear-resistant ceramic orifice
  • Pressures from 30 to 100 psi
  • Available as standard tip and as convenient FastCap for safer handling
Common Use Plant Health
Pattern Tapered Flat Fan
Technology Air Induction
Material Ceramic
Spray Angle 80°
Pressure Range 40-350 PSI (3-24 BAR)
Configuration Nozzles
Part Numbers
Nozzles 80° Caps (25 Pack)
AVI-8001 CAP01-01
AVI-80015 CAP01-015
AVI-8002 CAP01-02
AVI-80025 CAP01-025
AVI-8003 CAP01-03
AVI-8004 CAP01-04

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