Hollow Cone – Ceramic ATR 80°

The ATR hollow-cone ceramic spray tips produce finely atomized droplets in a hollow-cone, 80-degree pattern. Easily separated, two-piece construction for simple cleaning.



  • Easily separated, two-piece construction for simple cleaning
  • Wide operating pressure range suitable for many applications
  • Commonly used in airblast and other high pressure spraying applications


Common Use Plant Health
Pattern Hollow Cone
Technology Swirl
Material Ceramic
Spray Angle 80°
Pressure Range 40-350 PSI (3-24 BAR)
Configuration Nozzle


Part Numbers
Nozzles 80° Caps (25 Pack)
ATR-White CAP05-20
ATR-Lilac CAP05-20
ATR-Brown CAP05-20
ATR-Yellow CAP05-20
ATR-Orange CAP05-20
ATR-Red CAP05-20
ATR-Gray CAP05-20
ATR-Green CAP05-20
ATR-Black CAP05-20
ATR-Blue CAP05-20

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