Growing Your Advantage

AccuRow’s GPS-guided planter control system, you’ll benefit from faster, more reliable and efficient planting. This improves your bottom line during planting and at harvest, eliminating costly overlaps and skips while ensuring more accuracy for maximum yields.


Higher Yield, Easier Harvest

Automatic GPS-guided on-off row control guarantees proper shut-off for each section—a major advantage for end rows, point rows, and contoured fields. AccuRow™ simplifies your operation, improves yield gains and makes combining a snap come harvest.

Greater Savings from the Gound Up

The seed you put in the ground is an important input cost that AccuRow tackles head-on, eliminating wasteful skips and overlaps while avoiding no-plant areas. Only plant where you want to plant. That means a healthier bottom-line for you.

Easy Setup and Operation

AccuRow plugs directly into your Raven field computer and is easy to set up and operate. You can literally start a job and start planting at the same time. Field boundary and no-plant-area capabilities are also easy to use, while adjustable on-off and look-ahead functions provide timely shutoff for eliminating costly skips and over-planting.

Just Right for your Planter

AccuRow’s automatic planter control works with most planters of every size with easy installation kits available for most every model, including air and factory-installed electric clutches. That makes it easier for you to increase your return on investment while keeping it simple.


  • GPS-guided automatic on-off planter control eliminates skips and overlaps for increased efficiency and savings
  • Up to 16-section capability is driven by your GPS guidance system—single row control with sub-inch systems and multi-row control with sub-meter systems
  • Adjustable look-ahead function with automatic speed compensation easily adjusts to avoid cross planting at row ends
  • Seamless integration with Raven’s CANbus technology and field computers
  • Faster and more accurate planting with less waste and fatigue

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