A New Dimension in Crop Protection

3RIVE 3D™ system application technology is a revolutionary at-plant crop protection delivery platform that gives you the freedom to farm faster.



  • 3RIVE 3D™ system is a new way to deliver crop protection products for seedling defense and yield enhancement
  • Easily mounts to all major planter brands
  • Includes a 130-gallon water tank, 30-gallon product tank and all other necessary components, up to row delivery method, for application
  • Mixes the right amount of product and water, minimizing the need for measuring and eliminating the need for mixing and tank agitation
  • Expands up to 50X and surrounds the seed in a three dimensional, continuous Zone of Protection directly in the furrow for excellent protection
  • Uses low volume of water, reducing weight and refills, and speeds the progress of planting
  • Plant up to 480 acres between refills
  • Provides future opportunities for combining multiple active ingredients including insecticides, fungicides, and biostimulants
  • Protects against corn rootworms, cutworms, wireworms, grubs and other pests before they inflict damage
  • Opens opportunities for growers to take advantage of an at-plant solution that won’t slow them down and fits the way you farm
Tank Volumes Main Unit Size Dry Weight Loaded Weight Mounting Power Source Control System Productivity
130 Gal Fresh Water and 30 Gal Product Tank 28 Inches Wide x 56 Inches Long x 37 Inches Tall 250 LBS 1600 LBS Tongue or Main Frame Tractor 12V Electrical System In Cab Monitor Up to 480 Acres per Fill

RIVE 3D w/Console Control – Owner’s Manual

3RIVE 3D w/ISOBUS Control – Owner’s Manual